Why does China Central Bank fears Stablecoin?

Why does China Central Bank fears Stablecoin?

It was bound to happen. After Bitcoin Mining Ban and general crackdown of cryptocurrencies in China, The People’s Bank of China has expressed concern over the risk of Stablecoins.

Bank of China states that Bitcoin and Stablecoins have become speculative tools that threaten financial security and social stability. Their main concern is that these “tools” can become more useful for money laundering and illegal economic activities.

In other words, China doesn’t like anything that they cannot control. China’s decision can also be connected with another project that China is working on since 2014. Its own  CBDC issued digital yuan. Bitcoin represents a different approach to what China wants to offer with its DCEP. I wrote a separate article that delves into this subject.

Does China prepares the ground for Digital Yuan with the latest bloodshed on crypto?
On May 21st, 2021, the Chinese Government announced it would “crackdown on bitcoin mining and trading behavior and resolutely prevent the transfer of individual risks to the society.”. We already saw fall-down of this decision in the form of Bitcoin Mining Pools selling their hardware global BTC min…

It’s still unclear what measures China will take to fight Stablecoins. If there will be any development in the situation, I will update you on the matter.

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