70 day Journey Update

70 day Journey Update

The next milestone is completed! I've been feeling great about the whole challenge, and I'm happy 71 days ago I decided to start this journey. For the last two days, my posts weren't about Blockchain-related things, but they were still important topics I wanted to cover. I think many people should be thinking more about work-life balance and revisiting unfinished projects.

The past 10 days may have seemed like I again started putting out filler articles, but it wasn't the case this time. I'm writing about things I'm interested in and are important to me. When you have a tough time in life/work, it affects you in various ways, and sometimes my writing reflects that. Nevertheless, I put out two more unboxing articles that I'm really proud of. I'm already thinking about what I should write next in this series. Have few ideas and I'm pretty excited about them!

One interesting thing I noticed, it's good to have a broader view of what you're gonna write. But I never plan what I'm gonna write each day. I find inspiration from different sources. When some new hacks happen, I rather write about that instead than something I planned.

Thanks for keeping up with me, and have a great day!

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See you tomorrow!