Work-life balance #2

Work-life balance #2

This article’s subject is exactly what I’m doing today and over the weekend. It won’t be a long post, I’m just gonna share my views on the balance in work and life.

Work is important. It pays our bills, food, and hobbies, and maybe soon, travel again. But with covid striking all of us, many people started working longer than they used to. There are few reasons why that is the case.

It may be due to working remotely, and that was a new reality to many people. It’s not an easy task to change your mindset from office work to working from home. Balance is often overlooked, and we keep spending more time in front of our computers and working than we would typically spend in the office. I know I had this problem and sometimes still do.

Another reason may be striving towards financial stability. Covid made all of us vulnerable to sudden changes in life and work. Most people are not certain about their future and want to earn a bit more to put into savings. That’s understandable as I also did that, and I keep doing that.

But on the larger scale, if we back up a bit. We start to work longer, we get exhausted, and when we’re tired, we don’t perform so well. That can translate to working even longer as we want to meet deadlines and the spiral continues…

It’s good to take a break and rest. Keep your batteries charged and focus on your hobbies, family, or physical activities. After all, we work to be able to live, not live to be able to work. Enjoy your hard earn money, enjoy your life and remember. Work is only work, an important part of our lives, but not forget why we work. We work to live a happy life.

And that’s what I’m going to do. Enjoy my weekend, reset after work and spend time with my family.

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See you tomorrow!