Unfinished Projects

Unfinished Projects

Today's article will be short due to me taking a much-needed break. Check my last post for more info. On Sunday or Monday will be a regular, blockchain-related article, I promise.

Today I want to talk shortly about unfinished projects. Every one of us has one, especially people working in IT. We all started some side project, but we abandoned it after a while. It was due to lack of time and motivation, or we simply didn't like the output.

What I would like to do is to encourage you to revisit old projects or ideas you had written down but never acted on it. After few years, some ideas are worth revisiting. You never know if the reason you stopped your side project was really valid or it was just simply procrastination from your end.

I'm not in place to point fingers for people procrastinating. I do it often, and I'm falling into the same trap as you. But recently, I keep going back to that one idea I had at the beginning of this year, and every day, I think it's really worth it to pursue it. I won't tell more than it's regarding NFTs and Augmented Reality.

Writing a blog every day made me realize that it takes only a bit of discipline and a little bit of time every day to create something meaningful. I always think of the end goal and how hard it will be to go there. But the goal is achieved by taking million little steps. Going there one step at a time. And after I started looking at writing every day like that, it became less of a burden and struggle to get in front of the computer and write.

Same thing with programming or creating in general. I want to do 100 days of coding to develop a Proof of Concept of my idea, and I will release it to the public. I wasted much time, and I want to try if my ideas are valid.

I encourage you to do the same. Give yourself the challenge to achieve the goal you want by doing it step by step. Revisit old ideas and projects. You never know if you didn't have a great idea until you try it.

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