How to become smart contract auditor?

How to become smart contract auditor?
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I would like to tell you it's an easy route to become one, but it isn't and there isn't a single path you need to take to become one. But there are multiple things you should do to increase your chances.

First thing would be to understand basics very well. Yesterday I created an article about how to become a Blockchain developer, with focus on Ethereum. If you want to become a smart contract auditor, your best chances are with Ethereum smart contracts than any other non-EVM blockchain. Why? The sheer number of DeFi applications, developers and documentation available.

Here's my yesterday article

How to start in Blockchain as a Dev?
As a software developer, you have by far the most possibilities for professional growth and opportunities. No matter in which direction you want to go, either as a Full DApp developer, Smart Contract Developer, FrontEnd/BackEnd, Protocol Engineer, etc. I will recommend the same start for any of you.…

But what if you harnessed basics and advanced topics? Next step would be to udnerstand how to secure your smart contracts and what dangers are there. Great place to start is Consensys smart contract best practices. It will walk you through most common pitfalls, how to avoid them and why they are dangerous.

Next great stop would be and of course, solidity documentation.

You can test your skills with multiple CTF games built for web3/solidity security in mind and follow some awesome blogs/newsletter about blockchain security. One of such newsletter is

Here's a github repo that is a good start for your all in one place stop.

GitHub - crytic/awesome-ethereum-security: A curated list of awesome Ethereum security references
A curated list of awesome Ethereum security references - GitHub - crytic/awesome-ethereum-security: A curated list of awesome Ethereum security references

As I said, there's no single path to become a smart contract auditor. It takes a lot of effort and learning. Constant learning and staying updated as much as you can with the newest threats and exploits. EthSecurity discord would be great place for that. Here's a link:

Most important thing you need to do is to learn the basics really well. Without that, you will be walking in the dark.

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