How to start in Blockchain as a Dev?

How to start in Blockchain as a Dev?
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As a software developer, you have by far the most possibilities for professional growth and opportunities. No matter in which direction you want to go, either as a Full DApp developer, Smart Contract Developer, FrontEnd/BackEnd, Protocol Engineer, etc. I will recommend the same start for any of you.


It is the most popular blockchain platform in terms of its users and active developers. The community is open and friendly (mostly). Many developers working on this platform have created many excellent tools to help you with Ethereum and develop for it.

There's a ton of tutorials, training videos, and well-written documentation for toolsets and protocols.

You need to have good knowledge and understanding of the thing you will be working with, i.e., Blockchain itself. What does it offer? What can you do with it and what you can't? What blockchain platforms are there, and which one uses for what use case? Even if someone knows about all of this, it's often good to keep that knowledge fresh and organized.

For the beginner, I can recommend  Binance Academy Introduction  and later their articles about Blockchain. They cover many different topics, but you want to stick with general blockchain knowledge in there.

Another good stop for more detailed questions is  Decrypt's learn page. It offers nicely formatted explainers that cover the topic quite well and will only leave you hungry for more knowledge.

After you covered all the basics, the next significant step is reading two excellent books from  Andreas M. Antonopoulos. He is an important person in the world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. He wrote two fine books and shared them for free on GitHub.


I can recommend  CryptoZombies tutorial. They have a great introduction to writing smart contracts on Ethereum. After that, you can read Solidity documentation for more in-depth knowledge and understanding. There are many tutorials; if any of the ones I recommended doesn't fit your needs, a simple google query will help you find something.

Two great Twitter threads go deeper into interesting tutorials/projects you can do to increase your knowledge.


I hope this will be a good place for anybody to know where to look when searching for excellent materials for Ethereum Smart Contract development and learning.

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