The importance of taking a short break

The importance of taking a short break

This week was hard on me. I had a lot of personal and work-related things to do throughout the 5 days. It meant I had to work longer hours than usual and deal with tons of private phone calls.

This post will be short as I haven’t had much time today to write the more meaningful post, and as I said at the beginning of the whole blogging journey, I’m here to document everything. 😊

It’s nothing worse than being focused on the task at hand and being interrupted by a phone call or someone approaching you to talk. The second one is no longer valid in my case as I work remotely for the past few years, but it was a case when I worked at the office.

There are few ways to reset your mind into a focus mode. It helps to take my dog for a walk or do something around the house, like washing the dishes or making a coffee in Chemex. Things that can take my mind of the distractions, after the distraction happened, help me re-focus when I get back to work after few minutes. My mind is clear of thinking about the phone call or any other thing that just happened, and I can get straight to work.

Overall I recommend taking short breaks throughout the days to avoid burnout or being stuck. The mind needs to rest and process what you just learned, analyzed, worked on. Our mind is like a computer, and we don’t want to have a mess in our registry system. Sometimes it works slower than it should because of that.

Remember, take a short break every hour or two!