Sleep well

Sleep well
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I've fallen again into the trap of working late and not sleeping well. I've written about this subject, but somehow I didn't listen to my advice for the last two weeks, and I didn't sleep long enough.

Auditor work isn't an easy job, and it can be pretty stressful. I'm not trying to think about how my work can affect the protocol, positively or negatively. When I think about it, stress levels rise in my body, and I get anxious about making a mistake and missing something obvious.

This isn't something I should be doing. Luckily, I don't fall into this type of trap quite often, but it can bring a high level of stress from time to time. I know I'm not working alone, and I have great people in my team who would help me and vice versa. But that doesn't stop some stupid thoughts pop into my mind.

Because of that and other factors from my personal life, like I just bought an apartment and I'm trying to design it, added up to being not well-rested.

After I finish this article, I will take a shower and go to sleep. I will sleep for 7-8h uninterrupted (hopefully 🤞) and rest. Being focused and relaxed is essential in any job where you have many mental tasks and mental gymnastics to do.

Here's the link to my previous article about this subject.

Why should you strive for a good amount of sleep
For the past 3 weeks, I’ve been working from early morning till around midnight. I had the weekends off but still got up early to walk out the dog and prepare breakfast. I didn’t have more than 5-6h of sleep for the past few weeks, and today, when

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