Remote work

Remote work

I’ve been working remotely for the past 4 years now. I also have been working in an office for a similar amount of time for some corporations, and I know I don’t want to go back to the office anymore. Here’s why.

IT field is one of the most privileged working fields where remote work was an option long before the covid happened. It was possible for longer but not every company wanted to offer that possibility, saying “due to our security policies, it won’t be safe” or “we have found people working in the same space are more productive”. Well, covid showed that’s not the case, and it’s possible to work remotely and be productive.

What I love about remote work is the flexibility to schedule and plan my day how I find it convenient. If I need to drop some paperwork to the Polish equivalent of IRS, that’s no a problem, I can’t do it right now and just work longer. Previously I needed to ask for permission from my boss, excuse myself and sit in the office till evening. Now I can plan everything, so I won’t lose any of the previous time.

Same thing with losing time on commuting to work. I used to lose at one of my previous jobs 2h of commuting every day (1h one-way). Going by bus plus tram with many other people wasn’t exactly a pleasant trip, especially when I couldn’t even read in peace when I was being constantly bumped into by others.

Being able to get up on the time I want, not worry about commuting saves so much time. Recently I’ve been using this “time” to write blog articles or get up to speed with the world news while I was preparing a coffee.

Sometimes it gets to me, it could be fun to sit with others in the same space, and how easy would it be to reach out across the desk to ask for assistance or explanations on some issue I may be having. Slack, google meet, zoom, and others made those feeling not so frequent, especially if you have such a great team of people as I’m having. It’s not always an instant response, but I don’t need instant responses.

What I’m writing is nothing new. Many articles talked about precisely the same right after the covid, during covid, and even now. It’s a well-researched area, but I find it useful to share my views on this.

Remote work offers the freedom to pursue your dream job. You’re not restrained to the place you live in. You need an internet connection, strong will, perseverance, and good English skills, and you can get the job you want. Of course, you still need to have the skills for it, but you get the point 😉

I don’t think people will want to move to the offices, for sure not so many people. Some of my friends prefer going to the office, some of them prefer remote work. One thing is certain, companies will change policies on how offices operate and more hot desks will be installed for those who want to from time to time, come by the office.

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