Journey Update after 80 days

Journey Update after 80 days
Photo by S Migaj / Unsplash

Only 19 days to go for me to finish the 100 days of blogging challenge! It feels so close yet still far. I'm not going to lie, I had some moments of doubts during these 80 days, but each 10-day pitstop helps me see what I'm doing and why I'm going this.

I'm satisfied with the content I'm outputting recently. I wanted to show you my view of DeFi Security and teach you something. I've talked on Twitter with some of my readers, and I just wanted to thank you for your support! I'm grateful you're reading my posts, and like the content, I put out here and on Twitter.

I don't know how things will look when I reach my goal of 100 days, but one thing is certain. I won't stop writing. I will still be putting out content here but not always daily. I like this format a lot. It allows me to write a rough version of articles. I don't need to worry about polishing the edges of the post. Just publish my honest and rough view of certain subjects.

I will continue writing more posts in the "Unboxing" series. I will continue analyzing the hacks or give you my thoughts about it like I did yesterday. I will focus more on Twitter. There are great folks and gals out there I want to connect with!

I was thinking of maybe making a podcast or starting TikTok where I will post short-format videos teaching about the Blockchain. The amount of shitty content, focusing only on price, is just staggering.

I have some ideas about what to do next, not completely finalized, but such ideas need to brew a bit.

After my vacation, I will do another 100 days of  challenge, but I still don't know what to choose. I have an idea for an app, and making it through 100 days could be it. Or I'll go through some cybersecurity training. We'll see.

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See you tomorrow!