Journey update after 40 days

Journey update after 40 days

10 days marks are passing quicker than I thought. Especially this one as of today, it will be a 41st blog post and the last 10 days were quite hectic (when they aren’t?).

I didn’t sleep very well, worked hard, deadline after deadline, and have my own private life I don’t want to waste, so juggling everything was a struggle. Luckily after I finally got my well-deserved 9h of sleep, everything went back to normal.

I think, recently, my writings have become less organized due to my constant lack of plan longer than 2 days ahead, but I managed to drop 2 articles I’m proud of, one about China CDBC and the second one about Bitcoin Mining in China. More articles regarding crypto and China will be written, but I need to first decide what to write about.

I managed to do one thing, now twice, to write in advance and publish automatically when I’m not in front of a computer. That was last weekend, and currently, you’re reading the following success (unless something breaks and I can’t publish it by hand).

Things that have changed, I can’t imagine writing/publishing every day. I genuinely enjoy the process and like posting my thoughts. My wife jokes I’m having an online diary, but with posts like this, I even feel like this, but for me it’s ok. I’m here to show you my journey, my struggles, and my process.

I will do a more comprehensive 50-day journey update and share what has worked and whatnot regarding the process. For now, I can tell, having not consistent time of writing is a pain in the ass (the last two weeks got to me). I can’t remember which article, but I published it around 11:30 PM just not to miss a day.

Ok, that would be it for my update. As always, I’m not sure how I managed to write for so long (having your favorite topic helps) and without any meaningful system in place 😆. But one thing is certain, I enjoy it more than I struggle with it, and I think that’s the key. Plus allowing yourself to fail, having downtime, and a bad day is also a helpful mindset in writing and life.

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See you tomorrow!