Journey continues, part 3

Journey continues, part 3

Wow, it’s already the 30th daily post, and I feel like only a week has passed. I would never imagine hitting a monthly milestone, but here we are! I don’t even know what to write about this feeling apart from how excited I am.

10 days ago, I wrote how I plan to write an article about the Chinese approach to CBDC…well, it’s still in the planning phase 😅 I don’t know what keeps me away from finally sitting and writing the post as I write about many other things. I’m pretty excited about this exact topic, and maybe because of that, I get a writing block. It’s time for me to finally write about it and stop pushing it back so many times.

This post isn’t as strutted as the previous one. I don’t want to repeat myself what’s working for me and what’s not. I still don’t know about that but for sure, writing in the early morning helps so much with the flow. I don’t have a mind full of work-related things and private things about the mortgage loan I’m taking (I hate banks so much). It helps focus on the topic at hand much easier (CDEP article, I’m coming!🏃).

I relied less on the article list this last 10 days than previously because many different topics presented themselves. That’s shows it’s essential to adapt and work out things on the go. You never know what will be an interesting topic to write about or if 10 more hacks will occur during the timeframe.

It occurred to me right now, since the last journey update post, we had 3 hacks I covered, and that doesn’t mean all the hacks that have happened! Only from the exploits, I reported, ~$55M were lost. 🤯 That’s insane and only shows how early we’re are in the adoption. And who has that much money to put into all of these projects that so much are lost due to hacks every week?

Ok, I need to stop before I go on another rant. 🧘

On Sundays, I plan to post weekly all exciting news/articles I had read all week. It will be a bit cheating when it comes to writing every day, but I will do a quick summary on every article so it won’t be that bad, right?

All of the above showcases how my mind works and how jumping from topic to topic looks like. It’s like a ping pong table inside my brain. But writing helps with that, and it’s not 10vs10 anymore, with ping pong balls flying everywhere. It’s 2vs2 🏓.

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