Journey continues. Part 2.

Journey continues. Part 2.

I’m sitting in front of my laptop, thinking about the next article to write, sipping hot chocolate as the weather outside in Poland is awful. Heavy rain is hitting the side of my window while the World of Warcraft soundtrack plays in the background. Later today is supposed to be a thunderstorm. After a while, it occurred to me it’s time to write another update on my progress. Never thought I would write this update so quickly! The last 10 days passed so fast, and a lot has happened.

Exciting things that have happened since my start are that I gained more confidence in expressing my views, not only here but also in real life. I’m not saying I was shy and didn’t have my own voice or say in some issues, but I was more conservative when expressing my views.  That’s a welcomed change.

On LinkedIn, I was approached by Polish company Code & Paper to give an interview for the upcoming “Ask Me AnyFin”, an interview series from people working in FinTech. The article that put me in the spotlight was regarding different Blockchain implementations in the production.
From a Chinese Marketing team reach out to me to use some parts from my article about XToken hack and what does it mean for DeFi.

So two things have happened to me that I never wished to have happened so quickly, not during my first 20 days of writing daily and putting my thoughts on the internet.

What has worked for me and what not

The important thing is to remove all the tractions that stand in the way you do your job or prevent you from starting your own 100days of Challenge journey. For me, it’s not thinking about the website, how does it look like, etc. I use for that. It’s a paid service, but it only costs 100$ per year, and you have a great-looking website that you can customize as you want. I’m using free themes available, and that helps me to focus on writing my articles.

As stated in the previous update, I try to have consistent writing times. It’s not always working out for me as I tend to work late or early morning when that itch in my brain tells me to figure out that problem because of which I couldn’t sleep.

I don’t yet have a backlog of articles, but I’m gonna have one additional piece after writing this one, as I’m working on CBDC explainer. When work and life hit you hard, it’s challenging to find time to write more in advance. I’m trying to figure out how to do it the best. I Will, of course, keep you informed how that’s gonna play out.

A list of articles ideas is present and growing a bit each day. Few of my articles weren’t even on the list when I wrote them as I reacted to what was happening in the world of Blockchain security. These articles gave me the most satisfaction, and I know I want to write more articles like that. The list helps me organize and plan ahead of my topics and things I need to read/learn before writing about them.

Teaching/telling/writing about any topic also helps you to learn about it. Teaching is one of the best forms of learning, and I find it true for my writing.

I’m not yet know how to end this type of post. I’m just sharing my journey and all my ups and downs. The most important thing for me is not to stop and keep going. 79 days to go!