I'm doing it!

I'm doing it!

It's 7 AM, and I answer a question from the previous post: yes, it still feels like a good idea! For those just joining (whoever reads that), I had this crazy idea to write every day for 100 days during the creation of my first post. I'm taking upon a challenge or, in Barney's words, "Challenge accepted!". 99 days to go.

Why would somebody do this to himself? Firstly, I want to have my website that I cherish and develop. I know I want to talk about what excites me and see how many other people see the technology and blockchain the same as I do. I want to document my journey to becoming a more senior auditor, share my thoughts about exploits happening in the blockchain space, discuss hacks that happened, discuss the impact of blockchain technology and teach you about it. But to do all of that, you need consistency and a platform, thus creating this Blog and hopefully utilizing Twitter.

#100DayOfBlogging will help me decide what I want to write about exactly. I have a vague idea as described above, but I'm sure after 100 days or quicker, I'll have a clear vision of what I want to talk about and how to talk about it. Not all posts will have any meaning, not all of them will be good, but that's the point of this challenge. If I want to document my journey of becoming better at my job and passion, why won't I write about working on this Blog you're reading right now? Maybe it will help someone, or not, but as Gary Vaynerchuk said.

If you want people to start listening to you, you have to show up.

So I'm showing up, and instead of trying hard to create, I'm documenting my journey—both of my journeys.