How to keep going during a lack of motivation?

How to keep going during a lack of motivation?

Have you ever had a feeling to quit what were you doing? That it doesn't make sense? I know for sure I had. Hell, I'm having this feeling right now while typing these words.

I sat down yesterday and today with a promise to write an article about DAO. I started typing it, but I wasn't feeling it at all. I mainly was re-typing what others have written without my touch on the subject. I don't want to write an article like that, and I don't want to publish a piece I didn't like writing. So my whole idea for this challenge was to write every day about topics that excites me and learn to love the process.

I love it most of the time, but recently I again felt like I was in some part-time job I need to do. I don't like this feeling, and I wanted to stop writing and forfeit my challenge. When that thought came to my mind, I got angry at myself and started writing this article instead. I won't give you any advice like "Go for a walk" etc., because everybody knows that. What helps me, and I hope it will help me this time, is to write about the issue openly and put all my emotions into this text.

When you share your emotions and talk openly about problems, they feel smaller than what you have been imagining in your own head. Remembering why I had started this in the first place and trying to find that feeling I felt the first time I hit publish helps me too.

I don't want to stop writing. I love doing it, but it's easy to get into the strange, dark land of negative thoughts. I write every day, publish every day, and I get crappy numbers of likes and entries. It becomes depressing when you solely focus on the numbers on google analytics or Twitter analytics. I did that for a brief moment, and it brought me to my knees.

But I remember the moments of interactions I had since I started writing. So many people are impressed with my consistency, the topics I write about, and how I write about them. I even was approached to write to some well-known websites/medium pages because of what I write about and how. I'm starting to make new friends on Twitter just by sharing my thoughts and my articles. This ☝️. This feeling makes it worth it.

I'm writing primarily for myself, but I want to share what I learn and what I know. Teaching and sharing my thoughts others may enjoy, and some small number of people reading my articles do, it's something amazing. I wanted to thank you all, and you keep me motivated.

Tomorrow I don't know if I will write about DAOs or something else. But, one thing is sure, I will get up early and start writing, doing one step at a time.

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See you tomorrow!