Hitting a slump

Hitting a slump

It’s Saturday, I had two quite hard weeks behind me, and I don’t know what to write about. I know I have some ideas, but I don’t have the strength and determination to write about Blockchain. I don’t want to sound like I’m defending myself, but on the other hand, I’m doing all of this for myself, and if I feel exhausted, I have a right to have an off day.

I’m still writing this post as I don’t want to miss a day, even if this means writing ✍️ a post about nothing, really. I just want you to know, the reader and future me who will read this back, it’s ok to hit a slump. I’m documenting my journey here. I will not always be full of energy and vitality to writing about complex topics quickly and in a digestible way. I’m still learning what this blog is about, what I want to write about. I really enjoy teaching others about Blockchain tech. I’m really excited about incoming articles for Chinese CBDC and “Cold War” on this front between China and the US. These are fascinating stuff I want to write about. Also, I really enjoy reporting on the current security affairs of the DeFi/Ethereum/BSC. Writing an analysis of hacks is quite fun, and I need to get better at this.

As we speak (Well, I’m writing, not speaking, but you know what I meant), around 1h ago, there was a Flashloan attack on BOG Finance on BSC. About 1505 ETH were sent through anySwap, that’s approximately 3.5M USD. You can expect to write a complete analysis of this exploit.

Also, I want to write about technology in general. I mean talk about computing, what I think will be the future. How AR/VR can affect our lives and how it could be used with the Blockchain. I even have an app idea just for that. Talk about iPads/Laptops/PCs etc. There's a lot of it.

There are many things I want to share with the internet world and myself, to be frank. Putting my thoughts into the words that later compose a whole blog post helps me express myself and how to think more critically about many things. But I won’t always be on top of my strengths to write every day. I’m planning to, but I’m still learning, and it’s a long road in front of me. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Have a clear vision of the goal and the journey. Remember, you and me, it’s ok to hit a slump.