Anyswap got hacked

Anyswap got hacked
Photo by Kirill Petropavlov / Unsplash

Today, Anyswap tweeted an exploit was detected in the v3 prototype.

Fortunately, the Anyswap bridge wasn't affected at all, only new V3 cross-chain liquidity pools. In total, 2,398,496.02 USDC and 5,509,222.73 MIM tokens were stolen.

An attacker address already managed to send funds through TornadoCash. You can watch the address activity here.

What happened exactly?

As we can read from Anyswap official post-mortem:

The affected code was fixed to avoid using the identical R signatures. Anyswap multi-chain router v3 will be launched in 48h.

What is interesting, similar incidents have happened in the past. Not only in crypto but as an exciting example, PS3 security has been breached similarly.

You can watch how it was done in this brilliant video.

But as aftermath.digial is saying in his tweet

Projects need to understand the cryptographic techniques they're using and verify their values to ensure high entropy.

That was an interesting exploit for sure, and I recommend checking the bitcoin stack overflow link shared earlier.

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