About Me


I’m a Blockchain Expert who specializes in Ethereum, Hyperledger and general Blockchain usage. Currently, I’m working as a Senior Blockchain Engineer in LivePlanet. I’m responsible for the protocol of the VideoCoin platform and working now on the interoperability of the main Ethereum chain with our side chain. In the meantime I’m a publicist in "I Love Crypto" polish magazine and speaker for blockchain meetups.

My journey with this technology started in 2015 with my first contact with Bitcoin. I found it fascinating, and thanks to BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Innovation Exchange program for putting forward ideas by employees, I managed to work on my proposed idea which used Bitcoin blockchain while I was working for the BEA Systems. During this project, I understood that the real power and innovation of the Bitcoin lie within Blockchain and Bitcoin is only the first application of Blockchain.

From that point I started exploring, learning and getting experience within the Blockchain field. It was a difficult journey as the technology is relatively new. Back in the days there weren’t many tutorials and places to learn, it was a lot of trial and error.

In 2017 I started working as an Ethereum Developer and fell in love with the platform and its tech stack. That was the time of the ICO boom and most of the project I worked on, as a smart contract developer and technical leader, resolved around ICO. I learned a lot from these projects and people I worked with, but I was still eyeing for a project utilizing the Ethereum power, not to create yet another token which will change the world.

Luckily for me, I managed to do consulting work for a couple of the clients, helped them understand blockchain technology, help them with their vision and how to approach their problem in technical terms.

I always searched for a way how Blockchain technology can improve businesses, processes, decentralize certain aspects of our life. I never settled for one Blockchain platform. Hyperledger Fabric in 2016 brought me understanding that blockchain is something much more significant. Besides Ethereum I’m also gaining knowledge about Hyperledger platforms as well and I have experience in technical consultancy work for Hyperledger Fabric.

If you want to learn more or you are interested in what I’m up to these days, check my blog section and follow me on different social channels. Links down below.