93 days of daily blogging

93 days of daily blogging
Photo by Raimond Klavins / Unsplash

I got into the frenzy of writing. I didn't notice I already passed 90-day mark. That means in one week, I will finish 100 days of daily blogging.

I will hold my emotions till then but man (or woman)! What an incredible time it has been and still is. It changed so much for me professionally and personally. I reached 342 followers on Twitter, I have 20 people on the email list, and I made countless of new connections on Twitter.

One interesting thing I noticed with putting my knowledge out there and my thoughts are that I got more assertive, and I'm not afraid of putting my ideas out there. One thing I heard at the beginning that helped me start was, "Don't worry about the quality of your writing at the beginning. Nobody will read these posts anyway".

Not worrying about anybody's perception of my writing, I just started and kept going. And I still keep going, but with every day, it's getting easier and more accessible.

I will share my whole experience and the lessons I learned in the last journey update blog post. Until then, stay tuned!

Thanks for all of the support I'm getting on Twitter. You're making me write more and enjoy it more. Thanks! 😊🙏

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See you tomorrow!