60 day journey update

60 day journey update

Hell yeah! 60% done! In the previous 10 day update, I stated I want to do a "fresh start". I wanted to write more articles I'm personally interested in and I can say, I'm doing exactly that!

I thought of a new series, called "Unboxing XYZ". 3 pieces were already created. It's more of a tutorial/teaching series where I explain in more technical detail some concepts. I wrote introductory articles about NFTs, and I've been covering what's happening in China and more interesting attacks on DeFi products.

I like sharing my knowledge and my perspective. Suppose I learn about a new exciting concept at work or read an interesting article. In that case, you can expect me to cover that also in blog form or at least as a Twitter thread. Those are the types of articles I want to write more about.

I don't have more to say, except I have new energy for this blog, and I couldn't be more pumped up writing every day.

If you, the reader, have some ideas I could cover in my unboxing series or just cover some topic, hit me up on Twitter.

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See you tomorrow!