50 days blogging journey update

50 days blogging journey update

Halfway there! Wow, haven't imagined that happening. I thought at the beginning, if I was gonna do 10-20 days, that would be something, but not 50! I'm pumped! I'm also sore after the second dose of the vaccine but mostly pumped!

It feels fantastic to have 50 articles written, but I know how far yet I need to go before I can safely say I succeeded. By success, I mean having a clear vision of topics I want to cover. Sadly, I'm still struggling with this. You may notice recently I wasn't writing anything interesting, mostly articles that I could push out as I was running out of time for that day (repeating the same mistake now as I write the exact words at 11PM). Work and life can get overwhelming, and it shows I haven't even had outlines for the following articles. I used to have that previously, and things just nicely fit in place. Now it seems like I'm starting again.

Maybe that's a good thing, as I need to think of this blog as a new beginning, especially with my recent writing quality. I stopped thinking about my following articles from a reader's perspective, only as I need to do as I don't want to fail 100 days of blogging challenge. Today while doom-scrolling Twitter, I saw a tweet (I forgot the author name) that roughly said:

"Write things you would like to read about."

Then I realized I stopped following this, which was also why I was postponing my writing times (11:05PM… instead of morning routine). I also stumbled upon my co-worker's medium page. He writes about different exploits and attack techniques, and it was so inspiring. It felt I was reading something I wanted to write all along. Still, I just focused too much on the 100 days mark instead of focusing on what I want to write about—my passion and interests.

I have a plan. Not "the" plan but "a" plan as I'm not still sure how it will play out, but at least I feel the same energy as when I started this journey. Thanks, Alex, for the inspiration!

I don't know when and in what exact format, but you can expect some beginner-friendly introduction to new blockchain aspects, like NFTs, and some more technical articles, such as regarding the re-entrancy attacks or insides into the EVM.

I'm taking the next 50 days as a "new start". I know what worked in the first 50 days. I know what didn't. So I will eliminate as many as possible things that didn't work and focus more on my interest and what I would like to read and just write that.

I've been saying this lately quite a lot, but I'm documenting my journey with daily blogging. Struggles are one of the main topics for me, so I thought I will share my struggles and how I want to approach them to defeat them.

See you in the next 10 days update when we will revisit how my new plan works or not!

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See you tomorrow!