100 days of daily blogging

100 days of daily blogging
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Can't believe I'm typing these words, but today marks the 100th day of my daily blogging challenge! I made it 😭 I can't believe it, but I made it!

It was one hell of a journey that I would definitely do again! I met amazing people along the way that I wouldn't even imagine meeting. I received many messages of encouragement. People seem to like my content and what I'm writing about.

That's always great to hear, especially I'm writing content I like to read personally. And I think that's the key to keep going. If you don't like what you write, others won't enjoy reading it. It's that simple.


The journey was bumpy as hell. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy every bit of it, but it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows for the past 100 days. There were times I forced myself to write just anything, so I can keep going the next day.

Working as an auditor, trying to get a loan from the bank for my and my Wife's first house. Dealing with a lot of stress because of that (I will maybe write a separate article about the process), working long hours, and having a normal life atop all of it, didn't leave a lot of time for writing or researching. But I learned it is doable and manageable, but the stress was still real.

That's why when you go back on my posts and see some articles about taking a break, sleeping well, etc. You now know why I wrote these. I stated initially that I want to document my journey, and that's what I did. It had some rough moments, but overall, it matter what I learned from it, and I learned a lot.

I learned a lot from analyzing different hacks. One of the articles was even linked in the 29th edition of BlockThreat! I got invites to write for Immunefi or rekt.news early on but rejected that due to me trying to reach 100 days of daily blogging. Maybe I will reach out to them and see what I can write for them? πŸ€”

My confidence grew, and I'm not afraid to speak up or express my opinion. I enjoy writing, something I wouldn't even imagine to say(or write). I think the past 100 days made me a better communicator at work and in my personal life.

I'm waking every day with a thought in my mind "I want to write something today". I want to share something with people. It's a fantastic feeling.

I'm sorry if this post is a structural mess, but I'm just excited to be able to say I have written for 100 days consecutively without skipping a day! πŸŽ‰


Take a deep breath.


Plans for the future

In few days, I will be taking some days off. I'm taking a vacation with my lovely Wife. We are in dire need of rest. I need a break from my work to recharge. My Wife also needs that. That's why you won't see any new posts starting from Friday (6th) till (24th). I will be active on Twitter thou. Maybe not as busy, still I will enjoy my vacations and not be a Twitter zombie πŸ˜†

Ok, so what about the future of this Blog? Am I going to write daily? Or write at all?

Yes, I will continue to write, but I don't want to decide to write daily. I have some articles I want to write that require a bit more research and time to be put into them. I don't want to release untrue or unfinished articles that only scratches the surface of Zero-Knowledge Proofs or MEV.

I don't want to plan anything for now, but one thing is sure, I will post few times per week. Some weeks it may be daily. Some weeks it may be only 2 times. We will see.

I for sure want to focus more on Twitter. I enjoy this platform and just love meeting with new people there. I met on Twitter, many amazing people as I mentioned above. My Twitter followers grew from 120 to 418, and I want to develop it even further.

I don't have any strategies so far, but few ideas are floating in my mind. I will try them as I get back from my vacation. So if you want to be up to date with me, please give me a follow on Twitter @adrianhetman.

I will post more DeFi/Blockchain/Security content on Twitter and on this Blog. I'm thinking of maybe creating security code snippets that explain specific hacks and show how to avoid them. That's just one of the ideas floating in my head right now.

I'm gonna also post a separate article about my biggest takeaways from daily blogging. Don't know when I will post it, but you can expect it. Or maybe it will be a Twitter Thread. We'll see.

I wanted to thank everybody who supported me throughout my challenge! πŸ₯° You're the real MVP for helping me getting here. Your words of encouragement, shout-outs on Twitter, and talking to me on Twitter showed me I'm making something others may enjoy. I'm writing for myself, but my intention is to share my knowledge and views with others. My goal was to at least teach one person something new. I think I made it past that, and more people are learning from my writing.

Thank you!!!

Special thanks to my fantastic and lovely wife, who dealt with me writing every day on the strangest occasions. You're the best, and I wouldn't be here without you! ❀️

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See you tomorrow!